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Historical Events
17-Jun-21 3rd Annual General Meeting Annual Report 2020
25-Feb-21 4th Quarter Results 4Q20 Results
16-Feb-21 Extraordinary General Meeting Proposed Changed of Company Name
24-Nov-20 3rd Quarter Results 3Q20 Results
19-Aug-20 2nd Quarter Results 2Q20 Results
19-Aug-20 2nd Annual General Meeting Annual Report 2019
Extraordinary General Meeting Proposed Share Consolidation & Establishment of ESOS Results
28-May-20 1st Quarter Results 1Q20 Results
25-Feb-20 4th Quarter Results 4Q19 Results
26-Nov-19 3rd Quarter Results 3Q19 Results
22-Aug-19 2nd Quarter Results  2Q19 Results
17-Jul-19 IPO Listing
16-Jul-19 IPO Allotment of IPO shares to successful applicants
10-Jul-19 IPO Balloting of application
21-Jun-19 IPO Closing of application
21-Jun-19 IPO Launching of i-Stone Prospectus
Opening of application