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Sheet Metal Fabrication

AIMFLEX Metal Sdn. Bhd. has joined AIMFLEX family since July 2016 and as such has completed AIMFLEX vertical integration capability from design to manufacturing. AIMFLEX Metal has over 20 years of experience in specialising a wide range of engineering and manufacturing products custom made from stainless steel and metal, for commercial and industrial projects for both local and international customers. This business unit also provides marine paint spray and powder coating spraying services. AIMFLEX eco-system has transformed AIMFLEX Metal from a manufacturing factory to a one-stop sheet metal fabrication house by setting up a committed and competent engineering team in providing designs to meet required specifications. The production line has been upgraded with more sophisticated machineries such as CNC Turret Punch, CNC auto bender and shearing machines.

Machine Capability

CNC Sheet & Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC 5-axis Bending Machine

Conventional Bending Machine

CNC Turret Punch Machine

Laser Welding Machine

Spray Booth (Water Curtain)

Spray Booth (Powder Coating)

Powder Coating Filteration


2D & 3D Design

Solidworks, Draftsight

Laser Cut

Laser cut service with high speed, and precision.  


Bending service on metal molds with automated and high precision CNC bending machine.

CNC Turret Punching

Metal forming process by punching using turret punch with high speed, and precision.




Hairline, Powder Coating, & Marine Paint

Products & Project Experiences