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One platform for the entire manufacturing

Valor is the PCB industry’s first true end-to end software solution. Valor software covers all phases of PCB manufacturing from new product introduction to assembly and test.

Valor seamlessly integrates the entire PCB manufacturing process with one easy-to-manage platform. Available as an end-to-end suite, each module may be also installed separately.

Valor MSS Process Preparation

This module integrates key engineering tools for introducing new products to PCB assembly, inspection and test, with right-first-time production programs and documents. All engineering tasks and work flows are based on one common data set and outputs are validated for quality-assured production. MSS Process preparation work flows include:

-Front-end DFA analysis
-BOM validation
-Stencil design
-SMT programming and line balancing
-Test and inspection
-Documentation/Work Instructions

Valor MSS Production Planning

Eliminate the guesswork in production planning by automating optimized family setups on multiple lines with one click. This module will improve your on-time delivery, increases asset utilization and reduces machine down time, especially in high-mix PCB assembly operations. Family setups and optimal production sequence are based on many factors:

-Individual machine placement rate
-Feeder availability and feeder capacity of -the machine
-Available inventory
-Current setup of material on each machine 

Valor MSS Asset Utilization

View and analyze real-time graphical status of events on the assembly line. Real-time display includes working status, cycle time, wait times, and error information along with many other performance indicators.

Valor MSS Material Management

Reduce inventory and streamline pro– duction using a Lean material flow based on just-in-time principles. Material is kitted and delivered to the line based on real-time pull signals from each machine, the current status of work orders and pending

Valor MSS Material Verification

With Valor MSS Material Verification, pro-duction machines will not run until all material is correctly setup. Extensive capabilities such as the ability to block a feeder when MSD sensitive component has expired, or when a feeder needs maintenance, are included for all users.

Valor MSS Material Traceability

Trace material history per PCB ID, work order or time-code to minimize liability and to comply with customer traceability requirements. The traceability record includes data from all assembly work-cells (automated and manual) and captures additional information including the operator working at the time, and the program running on the equipment.

Valor MSS Quality Management

Ensure continuous quality improvement and device history using a paperless quality management system for the entire manufacturing flow. There are specific modes of operation for each type of quality assurance function from automated data collection to complete diagnostic analysis of failures and effective repair.

Valor MSS Business Intelligence

Give managers and engineers the decision support they need with full visibility and clear insight on information from the entire manufacturing process. The Business Intelligence (BI) module helps you improve on-time delivery, eliminate waste and increase asset utilization and quality. 


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